July 18, 2024

About Dayspring Church


Upcoming Silent Retreats

Through the tender mercy of our God,
whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us.  
(Luke 1:78)

Dayspring offers a rich heritage of Christian community, 200 acres of contemplative landscape, and the beauty and blessing of trees, meadows, and creeks. 

A small community of faith, Dayspring Church was born out of The Church of the Saviour in 1976. We continue with the traditions and wisdom of our parent church: commitment to follow Jesus in non-violent ways of being and acting in resistance to systems of domination, integrity of membership, a foundation of Biblical vision, and the call to ministry in small groups. We listen for God's Word in scripture, in silence, and in creation. We hope to grow in both the inward journey of relationship with God and the outward journey in service to the needs of the world.

We believe that God created the great diversity of humanity.  We celebrate and welcome people of all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and cultures.

Our worship service is at 10 AM on Sunday in the Farmhouse. There is a program for children during the service including a monthly Earth Sunday School outside on the land. From Monday to Friday, there is a gathering at noon in the Farmhouse for silent prayer. 

We have evolved a practice of shared servant leadership in the church community and discernment of direction by the Spirit. Out of God's great gift of the community of all life at Dayspring, we have heard the cry of Earth along with the cry of the poor, and we are committed to moving into a more sustainable way of life at Dayspring.

Mission groups are part of the legacy of The Church of the Saviour. Those who are called to a particular ministry focused on some point of need or suffering commit to work together, to practice certain disciplines for spiritual growth, and to share responsibility for Dayspring as a church and as a place.

Congregation members reflect annually on their commitment to the Dayspring Church community. On a Sunday in October, those who continue to be called to be part of the church congregation join together in making the following commitment:

I come today to claim Dayspring Church as a significant place of belonging.
I commit myself to deepening my relationship with Jesus Christ and to growing in  my relationship with the community of all life at Dayspring.
I seek to open my heart to God's great love for me and to welcome and respond to God's call on my life.
I will support this community with my presence and participation, with my gifts, and with my prayers.